Water Softener Reviews

People often confuse between the terms water filter and water softener. These are two different entities. Before going to a Home Depot and finding the best water softener, it is best to first know what it is and how it differs from a water filter.

How does a Water Filter Differ from a Water Softener?

A water filter is a device intended to deal with the impurities found in the water system. These filters strive to reduce, if not completely get rid of, the various impurities found in the water system. Because there are instances that the impurities cannot be seen by the naked eye, it is advised that every home should have a water filter in position.

On the other hand, water softeners are meant to help in resolving the hardness of water. Water becomes hard when it is rich with hard minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium. Thus, water softeners are employed to lessen the hardness of water. Water softeners come in various types as well as methods of regeneration. Hard water does not at all pose any danger towards individuals. However, it can cause annoyance because it destroys water heaters, and clogs pipes.

How to Choose a Water Softener or a Water Filter?

Now the difference between a water softener and filter is already crystal clear. The next step would be to familiarize one’s self with the different types of softeners and filters. After doing so, the best solution for one’s household is to add both the best water softener and filter into the water system. The reason why both must be a part of the water system is because one cannot assume the duties of the other.

For homes dealing with hard water, a quality softener can greatly improve and prolong the life of home appliances and pipes. On the other hand, a filter will predispose individuals to lesser impurities, which may affect one’s health and well-being.

Because Consumer Reports is a trusted and unbiased information derived from customers, it is one of the most sought after references, especially when choosing water softeners. There are several water softener reviews on the internet that you can check out and find out which one is best for you. Reports reflected on Consumer Reports are unbiased product feedback. Moreover, information stated are as accurate and descriptive as possible to allow the readers to picture out the product.

What was hailed the Best Water Softener in 2015?

A comparison among water softeners was made by “Water Softeners Compared”. It appeared that Pelican PSE 1800 was hailed the best water softener in 2014. Despite its reasonable price, it came with a lifetime guarantee for its tank and spare parts. Moreover, it is convenient to use because there is no maintenance required. It does not need electricity in order for it to function. It is also easy to install that it can be done by the homeowners themselves. Pelican PSE 1800 also works well with water, whether it is that of the city or the one that comes from a well.

The best water softener and a water filter will keep the water system better and more efficient.