Tips That Help You Use The Rice Cooker Correctly

The majority of those who have a rice cooker consider that using it is intuitive and not difficult at all. They think that instructions are not even needed and everything can be learned by simply cooking with this kitchen appliance. However, we consider that there are some tricks that can make all the difference between a rice dish that can be consumed and one that is simply delicious.

  1. How much water is needed to obtain rice with the perfect texture?

The general rule that you will find in the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer is that equal parts of water and rice are necessary. The truth is that in case you cook a small quantity, you will need more water to make sure that the rice is cooked correctly. Also, the ratio depends a lot on the type of rice that is used, as drier rice requires more water. The idea is that by adding extra water you make sure that the cooking process continues and that the rice will be processed further. As the appreciation of a certain texture depends on the taste of the person who eats the rice, it is important to try several times until you decide which ratio should be used. My Kitchen Dome is the perfect place where you can find useful reviews about rice cookers, reviews that will help you choose the type that you need.

  1. Do not forget to rinse the rice

Before placing the quantity of rice that you need in the rice cooker, you should make sure that you rinse it. It is considered that rice is no longer covered by substances that make it taste less pleasant and this activity can even be skipped, but in fact when using a rice cooker this process will be of help because it will make it cook better. Even though you should rinse the rice that you use, this is not recommended for two types of rice: basmati and jasmine. These have a special flavor that can be destroyed when rinsing.

  1. Open the rice cooker only if this is absolutely necessary

The taste will be better if you make sure that you do not open the rice cooker while cooking. You can obtain dry rice if you keep the rice cooker open for too long and the taste will have nothing to do with the pleasant one that you should obtain. Also, after the rice cooker stops cooking the rice, you should keep it in the kitchen appliance for another ten minutes and only after that you should place the dish in another container. Regarding the utensils that you can use to serve the dish, you should avoid those that are made of metal, as they will affect the non-stick surface.