Throwing the Perfect Baby Shower

Have you ever thought of hosting a baby shower for a friend? Do you know the intricate steps that you need to follow for it to be a success? Not everyone is a normal hostess when it comes to hosting any party. Here are a few components you need to take care of when planning the best baby shower for your pregnant friend.

Get a Perfect Location

This isn’t something you should worry about. Before you make the ultimate decision ask yourself what you have regarding resources. If you belong to a local church, you can ask the minister for the venue. If your local club has a banquet room available for rent, then you can go for it. Either way, make sure the place is near for the mother to reach without any hassle.

Food and Drink

Again, this isn’t something you ought to sweat over. If you know the soon-to-be mum very well and her friends, you know their tastes. You don’t have to go lavish, but you don’t have to go too simple either. One of the best ways to cut down on the food and drink costs is by making soda by you. Armed with the right home soda maker, you can make different flavors for your guests. Check out Soda Serve to understand the process and requirements for making soda at home.


Almost every party needs to have decorations that are relevant to the theme. Find out the gender of the baby then get the right decorations to complement the theme. The cake should also be decorated in such a way that it reflects the issue at hand. You can have a cake made in the form of a diaper or with the face of a baby.


This is the most crucial component of any baby shower. You need to have a section whereby the guests give the mother and the baby some gifts. If you have attended a baby shower before, you know exactly what kind of gifts to buy for the occasion. Presenting gifts is one of the ways to appreciate the role of your friend as a would-be-mom.

The Bottomline

Organizing a baby shower for your friend goes through similar paces to organizing any other event. The only change is that you have to stick to the theme of the event and decorate the room in a baby theme. You also have to get gifts that will match the theme of the day. At the end of it all, it is all about showing appreciation to the soon-mother-to-be.