Report Shows 2.7 Billion Will Become Obese by 2025

Report Shows 2.7 Billion Will Become Obese by 2025

According to the figures released by the World Obesity Federation, nearly half of the entire adult population in the world will be overweight by 2025 if no action is taken to sensitize people about the dangers of obesity by governments. These figures represent a 700 million increase from the current statistics.

More Adults Will be Obese

The Federation’s report further suggests that more than 177 million adults will “overly obese” by 2025 and in dire need of treatment.

Governments around the world committed back in 2012 to take measures geared toward reducing overweight and obesity and have the conditions under control by 2025.

The Federation used the World Obesity Day to remind governments of the need to take decisive actions that will show commitment to the 2012 agreement.

Poor Dieting Cited as a Primary Contributor to the Problem

The Federation further says that the consumption of sugary drinks has risen by 33% in the last decade. It notes that the trend is due to an increase in the number of people living in urban areas. More than half the world’s population dwells in cities, and only one in four adults are likely to get adequate physical activity.

Prof. Walmir Coutinho, president of the World Obesity Foundation, says that the obesity and overweight epidemic have hit virtually every country in the world, and the numbers continue to rise.

Authorities Around the World Challenged to Take Control

Coutinho adds that governments are aware that the current epidemic is untenable and have no option but to act. After all, they agreed to have the prevalence of obesity under control by 2025. He notes that if governments are to attain the World Health Organization of taming obesity, this is the time to act.

According to Dr. Tim Lobstein, World Obesity Federation’s director of policy, the most common risk factors include quiet working environments and an increase in the consumption of soft drinks.  The advertising of fast foods continues not to mention that people living in urban areas have no access to green spaces.

The Bottom Line

Global weight loss can be accomplished by people taking responsibility to change their lifestyles. Sure, the government can intervene, but it boils down to what you’re doing as a person. The only thing authorities can do is to reduce taxes and introduce subsidies that make healthier food cheaper and unhealthy food more expensive.