How Authors Can Use Instagram To Market Their Work

Instagram is a social media platform where people get to interact, exchange pictures, messages, and videos. It is popularity has seen an increase to a point where it has passed other social media networks like Twitter. It has also availed a platform for adverts from different corners of the world. The increased views have made it a target for many companies, authors and individuals to market their products and services. Here are some easy ways an author can use to sell their work.

Set up an account

You can open an account which directly talks about the work that you do. Open an account where, the posts that you make are purely about your writing, for example, books, journals, and magazines. This enables a higher engagement rate with the target audience.

Link your blog to Instagram

You can set up a “book blog” where the post that you make is more of talking about general writing instead of just purely the work you write. It forms a sort of interactive forum where other writers talk more about their writing and interact.

Review works of others

If you want to become an authority in this field, then you have to go an extra mile. Remember that you should not bore your followers with promotional content all the time. Give them educational content and honest reviews of articles, books, and other publications.

Sponsor your ads

You can also decide to advertise your books through the advertising platform offered by Instagram. Having used Instagram, you will notice some ads that pop as you go through the post made by your friends. You can try to make the advert as eye-catching as possible to ensure that it is regularly viewed.

Automate your campaigns

When incorporating Instagram into your marketing, automation comes in handy. This is where one does not need to necessarily post then follow it to tailor it to the target population. Instagram automation relieves the company of most of the work and enables you to concentrate on writing while the marketing part on Instagram is carried out by an outsourced party. You can check some of the best Instagram automation tools at The Small Business Blog.

Promoting your books on Instagram is one of the cheapest options when compared to traditional marketing. It requires very little time and resources to do so. Even though it takes quite some time before it picks up, the results are incredible.