Enjoy New Ways of Cooking by Investing in your Kitchen Utensils

Pressure cooking has come a long way and now is an indispensable part of almost everyone’s kitchen. Pressure cookers come to rescue to all those who have tight schedules and have very less time to cook. Put everything in, leave it, do your work and what you come back to is a deliciously cooked healthy meal! Pressure cookers come in loads of variety, differing in material, electric or stove top and size. The size of the cookers from 2 quarts to a whopping 42 quart! Choosing the right size depends on the family size or portions you need to prepare.

Meals made for the whole family


The 2 quart professional pressure cookers are large enough for a family of 4 and take up the least amount of space. They are best for confined kitchen spaces and limited counter space. These small cookers let you cook a quick lunch or dinner without taking much of your time. While you may not find many varieties to choose from, the cooker models available for this size are stocked with features to suit your needs. Initially, cookers available in this size were those sold by very few brands. Such a cooker is a small 2 quart stove top pressure cooker with a whistle and a pressure indicator. When the pressure inside the cooker is high, the pressure indicator is pushed up and steam is released by the whistle making a sound, thus maintaining pressure at operable levels. The dimensions of the cooker are 13 X 8 X 6 inches, making it compact in size.

The pressure cookers have in general a heavy bottom, ensuring that nothing sticks to it. With induction cook tops gaining popularity, pressure cookers are made with Stainless Steel. This makes the cooker, induction top compatible.

Today, when everything is electrically run and is digital, why should pressure cookers stay behind? While most of the electric cookers are mostly available in 4-6 quart and above, there also are some cookers with excellent key elements. Just the dimensions, 15 X 11.5 X 12 inches, are perfect. The outside of the cooker is made up of brushed stainless steel. The inner pot is non-stick and is removable, thus easy to clean and handle.

Such pressure cookers feature an LED display and a digital control panel. There are pre-set pressure settings for chicken, beef, rice, vegetables and soups. Don’t want to use the pre-set settings? No problem! There is a programmable timer which lets you set your own time. The cooker goes off once it is done cooking and makes an audible beep. What the cooker also has is a delay timer feature which enables you to set the timer in advance and come home to a delicious meal!