Best Blender Buying Guide

Summer marks some of the best months in a year and rightly so, it’s when most people opt to go for holidays. If you own a blender, you pretty well know why it easily becomes your darling over summer. Home-made smoothies, cake mixes, milkshake, soup and frozen cocktails or not, it all depends on finding the right blender. With so many types and models in the market, it is important to know how you can zero on the best model that suits your personal or family requirements. Before you buy your first or replacement model, the factors below will come in handy to help focus your attention on buying the right fit for your needs.


The huge competition in the blender segment has sparked better innovations and production of more advanced models. As such, there isn’t much you can’t do with a blender today. They come in handy for a quick, wholesome soup in winter the same way they become your best friend during summer. The more functions your blender can manage, the better value it provides for your hard earned money.


There are many distinct brands and models of blenders in the market. However, when it comes down to making a choice, you’ll most likely have to settle on either a stick or benchtop blender. A stick blender comes at a less cost and makes an excellent choice if your blender is for fixing occasional milkshakes or smoothies. On the other hand, a benchtop is the best option if you will be using the blender frequently for hard ingredients including ice, seeds and hard fruits. Different types also come with various accessories. Be sure to look out for one whose extra features enhance its convenience and functionality.


Stiff competition has influenced the pricing of blenders. The cutting edge models are a bit expensive but come with better features. Nonetheless, this does not mean you can’t get a good blender at a much friendlier price. Look for a blender that you can afford but also make sure it suits your needs regarding use and quality.


Different blenders are designed to produce different sizes. For instance, if you live alone and tend to be a busy person, you can buy a single-serve blender that allows you to blend and drink from the same bottle. You cThey come in handy to prepare a quick smoothie for your child after school, or for yourself as you head to work. Some are designed to fit into most car cup holders, which makes them more convenient. However, if you need to prepare large servings, you may consider a blender whose jug can accommodate a greater volume.


Blenders are made of different materials, especially the jars. Most jugs are either made of glass or plastic. Both come with their pros and cons. Thus, it is important to weigh their differences and choose one that most interests you. For instance, whereas glass jugs are heavier and can break with ease if dropped, they are much easier to clean, unlike plastic jugs that get stained easily by certain ingredients such as turmeric.


Considering the factors mentioned above, you can shop with confidence knowing what you want. Finally, considering the chopping, mixing, and blending work subjected to your blender, taking good care of it is paramount. However, it is also wise to ensure you get a good warranty.