All You Need to Know About Botting on Instagram

All You Need to Know About Botting on Instagram

Today we are going to skip the ethical debate about botting on Instagram and focus on the more important parts instead, starting right away with.

How feasible is botting at Instagram

If you are careful with your settings it’s very feasible but the problem with most people is that they want too much too fast. Thinking if the bot can’t do it 10 times faster then I can why wouldn’t I do it manually, I have plenty of time anyway. Well, that’s the wrong mindset right off the bat because a bot is to be used by people who don’t have time to do it all themselves and not to skyrocket their account to 100k followers in a year time.

How much do those bot costs?

Earlier it was a one-time investment, nowadays most providers have felt the wrath of Instagram and had to recode their bots to prevent them getting banned, and as such switched to monthly subscriptions. If you want to compare prices you can do so by clicking the link. They review all the popular Instagram bots so you should be able to find something that fits your budget.

What are realistic expectations?

This depends largely on how you use the bot, if you start to follow people with the expectation they follow you back it depends on how your account looks, professional or not, newsworthy, interesting and so on. Typically people get a follow back rate of 10-30% so if you are in the middle and follow 2000 people per month you grow your account by roughly 400 followers per month, which is almost 5000 per year and that’s definitely not bad.

What other things can those bots do?

Each bot comes with its own set of options and some can follow and automatically unfollow people while others are also able to like and share posts. Some even have the ability to comment on other peoples posts. Be careful with this feature though as it can easily work against you if you only leave spam comments so try to write the comments in advance and make sure they are broad enough while also related enough to the niche you are targeting.

How does this targeting work?

Real easy, you simply set your demographics (niches of people) and you can also target them based on where they are from (geographic), this way you can reach exactly the people you want to reach, whether they live just around the corner or on the other side of the world.